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A lot of customers trust the unorganized laundry dry cleaners with their clothes and delicate garments. They do not have an idea of what needs to be followed and what not and hence land up with bad experiences.
A full-service quality oriented laundry service like ours employs professionals for the cleaning industry as well as skilful operators to manage our high-profile cleaning machines. At Laundro Smart services we have a separate machine setup for washing, spot removal, varied pressing and dry cleaning options. Laundro Smart is one the Best Dry Cleaners in Pune, We deliver within fast time cycles due to smooth and fast flow of your garments in every process. Using ecofriendly chemical from johnson diversey the life of fabrics increases.

Fabrics: do different fabrics wash differently?

We at Laundro Smart services wash cottons and polyesters separately. The fibers that make up the fabrics are very different.

Polyester is a perfectly smooth round fiber. Its base ingredients are derived from oil so it does not like to get wet (repels water initially). It also likes to hang on to oily stains and the trapped oil could possibly lead to stink if not properly washed. Our certified and tested machines ensure every polyester fabric is cleaned properly without any hassles.

Cotton twists and folds over itself, which is why it has such a great capacity for absorption. It is also very “wettable,” meaning it loves water and thus washing and rinsing are easy. Our certified and tested machines ensure every cotton fabric is cleaned properly without any hassles.

Laundro Smart provides top quality Shoe Laundry Services in Pune we do all types of Shoes Dry Cleaning like sports shoes, leather shoes, canvas shoes, kids footwear etc. Due to our online laundry booking and doorstep pickup & delivery services laundro smart is always near to you for all your laundry needs.
We also provide laundry services in our branches located in magarpatta, amanora, hadapsar and phursungi areas of Pune. Customer satisfaction is our top most priority and we work round the clock to make customers happy and satisfied with our services.
We have been the most reliable and best Laundry Services in Hadapsar for the last two decades with expertise and experience giving us the ability to provide our clients with the best Laundry Services in Pune.

Head Office :

La Salette CHS Pvt Ltd ,Wing : B / 103
Magarpatta Road , Hadapsar,
Pune -411036

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Unit no : F 33 /34/35 , Destination Centre ,
Magarpatta City , Hadapsar ,Pune -411028


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+91 9172230380 / +91 7070701515

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© 2023 Laundro Smart– All rights reserved. Designed By: Digisuave Solutions
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